Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ambassadors Arrive Safely

Ambassadors Arrive Safely in Davidium

All Ambassadors leaving Alexandria have arrived safely in Davidium.  TSHs Prince Christian and Princess Grace were 'interrogated' on arrival by the Legoland Government.  The Eulenbourg are questioning what this entailed.  This information has been sent via the Legoland Government.

At this time no further correspondence has been sent from TSHs, who are limited to 30 word outbound communications. 

HIMS Catherine the Great is in international waters near to Davidium and will be joined by HIMS Prince Consort, a continued aerial stealth reconnaissance is in place at this time.

All actions are to ensure the safety of TSHs and to maintain peace with Legoland.

HIMS Prince Ivan, upon completion will join the Western Fleet at the port of Anglesia.